2020 5-Seat Tesla Model Y Floor Mats - Long Range(3PC/8PC/9PC/Trunk)



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Autailors Tesla floor mats are the perfect addition to your Tesla Model S, Model 3 or Model Y. These high-quality floor mats are designed to fit perfectly in your Tesla and provide excellent protection against dirt, dust, and water.

Lightweight & Heavy Duty

Made of four quality layers combined by hot press technology; First layer is Textilene Fabric (knitted in different colors for enhanced visual); second layer is TPR allowing it to be flame retardant and waterproof; third layer is nylon fiber for ultimate comfort & cushioning; the fourth layer is made of anti skid material.

One of the most impressive features of Autailors Tesla floor mats is that they are both waterproof and weatherproof. This means that you can be sure your car's carpet will stay dry and clean, even in the wettest conditions. Additionally, these mats are lightweight but heavy-duty, which means they can handle wear and tear without adding unnecessary weight to your vehicle. All weather floor mats created for low maintenance with high durability. Carbon weave styling helps to capture mud, debris, and grime without it getting onto the carpet for ultimate protection. Waterproof capabilities help prevent moisture from reaching carpeting when subjected to winter or rainy conditions; also great for kids who love to spill.

Autailors Tesla floor mats are custom fit for your Tesla, so you can be confident that they will provide maximum coverage and protection. They are also odorless, which means you won't have to worry about any unpleasant smells in your car.

Custom Fit & Odorless

Extended edge & lip provides full coverage and protection from snow, ice, rain, or dirt. Exact fitting to ensure pedals will not be affected. No chemical smell and will remain odorless throughout usage due to the convenience of how it could be cleaned.

Finally, these mats come with a non-damaging anti-skid layer, which ensures that they won't harm your car's carpet or cause any damage. Overall, Autailors Tesla floor mats are an excellent investment for any Tesla owner who wants to keep their vehicle looking and smelling great for years to come.